4 Fantastic gifts for Fathers

Surprise your father with these gifts

He was the one who gave you piggy back rides and he was the one who gave you your first pocket money. Let us help you to express gratitude for the Gem of a person he is.

We have shortlisted some of the useful products that you can gift him to express that you love and care for him.

  1. Paper Magnifier: He is ageing and he always searches his spectacles to read newspaper or books, right? Gift him this paper magnifier to zoom out the text he is reading. This magnifier can also be used as a bookmark and a very useful item to read while travelling.
  2. Power banks: Is your father a person who often forgets to charge his phone? If yes, then this is the product for him. This power bank with leather finish has a classy edge to it and your father would never leave it alone.
  3. Travel adaptor: If your father is the one who travels a lot, then this is the best suited gift for him. This is designed to work with electrical ports of more than 137 countries and comes with a fuse protection.
  4. 3D Photo frame: Add a picture of you and your hero in this unique 3D frame and the picture will stand out. This would be a blend of traditional and modern gift category.

You can also make a basket of the above items and gift him together to make a long lasting impression of your gift. He will love you for your thoughtfulness.

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