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The notion of giving gifts

As the human society got civilized, more ways to express passion and warmth were invented. One of these ways was the practice of gifting. Gifts had manifold roles to play, from being a token of appreciation to bearing expression of love or affection.

Be it in the form of offerings to the deities or as objects placed with the dead for use in their afterlife, gifts have had a deep-rooted place in several ancient religions and cultures. Ancient tribesmen would often offer gifts to their leaders and heroes as a token of gratitude and respect. History has it how the classic form of wooing a lady included the giving of flowers and gifts.

With a huge amount of change in times and the traditions now, the idea of gifting has seen a change too. A lot of thought needs to be given while selecting gifts. The gifts that you give can be something functional or something that relates to the recipient or is greatly admired by the person. Since the needs and choices of people have changed, the selection must as well.

Gadgets and accessories and why they make great gifts

Developments in consumer technology have made gadgets immensely useful to us humans. Modern gadgets have not only simplified many complex processes in our day to day lives, but also made them less time consuming.

From listening music on the go to charging your Smartphone, humans are largely dependent on electronics & gadgets. We need these gadgets to keep other gadgets functioning continually and efficiently, and hence their significance.

The advent of mobile phone

Mobile phones are one of such cool gadgets which are greatly popular with individuals worldwide. Gradually, these smart tools have become more user-friendly. Where they were once invented with the idea of connecting people far apart, they now aid calculation, entertainment, photo and videography, social networking and even shopping. With mobile phones having spanned a major part of the population, their roles seem to be growing bigger and bigger.

Mobile phones have changed our lives that you can’t possibly imagine life without having one in your hand. From ordering food at the click of a button to arranging a commute in seconds mobile phones serve a lot of purposes every day.

Given the massive use of mobile phones in the modern world, mobile phone accessories have become a must have. Hence they make for one of the most suitable gifts you can give to a person. They are so easily available that you can buy mobile accessories online anytime. Mobile accessories come in a vast range to suit different pockets and needs too.

What gadgets and accessories can you gift?

When you want to buy gadgets online or go on that online electronics shopping spree, your options can be many. Here are a few things that you can buy at Giftzila –


One of the most useful things to gift to a mobile phone user would be a multi-connector. With these you can ensure that data transfers take place unhindered. A multi-connector acts as your phone charger as well as USB connector.

Power Banks

A power bank is necessary for those who have a higher dependency on their mobile phones. Power banks serve as great solutions when your phone is dying for the want of charge and there is no charger or power source in sight. A power bank is a portable mobile powerhouse which you can carry to keep your mobile phone juiced up at all times!


If your friend is a great music buff or works in the same field, mobile headphones can be the most practical gift. Besides enhancing their music experience, headphones with mic come in handy in taking calls too.

Data cables

Data cables are one of the many mobile phone accessories that a mobile phone user requires on a day-to-day basis. Now instead of going for regular data cables, you can always add a little twist to your gift, by getting your near and dear ones a fancy hand stitched denim or snakeskin data cable.

At Giftzila, gadgets and accessories aren’t just about form and function, but thoughtful utility as well. So, keep it unique!

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