Story of Rocky: the Friendly Godzila spreading joy gifts

This is the Story of Rocky, the Friendly Godzila who was considered a monster due to his looks, but was he?

Story of Rocky the Friendly Godzila spreading joy gifts: small remote island with palm tree

Once upon a time, there was a small island named Gizzu land. People there worked all day and night to gain wealth, but something was missing from their lives. Their families had everything but they were still unhappy oblivious of the thing lacking from their lives: love and happiness.

  Story of Rocky the Friendly Godzila spreading joy gifts: Rocky coming out of sea re-imagined

One fine day, there was a movement in the still sea. The land started to shake, there was something emerging from the ocean. It was huge, green colored creature and had a rock like body. It had big eyes and a spiky tail. People at the island got scared and started to run for help. Ladies started shouting and calling for their children who were going towards that creature.


Story of Rocky the Friendly Godzila spreading joy gifts: Rocky's gift boxes

But what they saw next surprised them. The Godzila like creature was holding a huge red box that seemed like a gift pack. The kids started to play with the tail of the creature and started to call it “Rocky”. The creature too played along harmlessly with a smile on his face. He slowly kept the huge gift pack at the shore, anxious kids rushed towards the gift excitedly. People were amazed to see the kids cheerful; they had never seen the kids this delighted in their life, ever!

  Story of Rocky the Friendly Godzila spreading joy gifts: People holding their gifts
The mob followed the gift and opened the lid. They were amazed to see that Rocky who came from a strange land brought gifts for every one of them; gifts that they had never seen before! All those unique gifts had one thing in common, their multi-usefulness. This act of kindness brought a wave of happiness among the people of Gizzu land.

The crowd realized instantly what happiness and joy they were lacking and welcomed Rocky in their life willingly. Rocky brought joy and happiness among the people and in return got love that he always desired. Proud Rocky standing tall

Henceforth, Rocky has been getting never-seen-before products for the people every few days and is now a legend, known as Rocky-The Giftzila!

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