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  • 4 Gift Ideas for Fashionistas

    4 Gift Ideas for Fashionista“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”  - Coco Chanel
    Fashionistas love to make a statement. They feel to be a source of a trend and not following any trend.
    If you know someone with these traits and are struggling with the gift that they will love, we are here to help you out with Gift Ideas for Fashionistas.

    1. Lipsticks: Gift them a gift box of 5 trendy lip shades which they will love and would be eager to flaunt. Rich in vitamin E to nourish those soft lips and does not contain animal fat. Shades that will suit every complexion and add charm to the worthy smile.
    2. Ultra Slim bottle: Even when they drink water, which should also be in style. This trendy bottle is sure to steal hearts of people where ever it is taken to. The style diva will sip from it and will carry along her everywhere.
    3. Hand sanitizer: Which fashionista would like to get her well maintained and manicured hands dirty and germ filled? Solve this problem of them by gifting this Vitamin E rich viviana hand sanitizer that not only kill germs but also soften the hands.
    4. Mobile holder: If the fashionista is the one who like to keep things in place and sorted then they will surely love MR Notty – a flexible mobile holder to hold the mobile tight while charging/watching a video/while working in kitchen/while working in office. She will fall in love with it and will flaunt Mr Notty in style.
    With these gifts, she will love you for the thoughtfulness and adorable gifts that you thought of and you can thank us later ;)
  • 4 Gifts the Style Diva will love

    4 Gifts the Style Diva will love
    “Do everything in pure style!”
    This is the mantra that every style diva is seen to be following. They feel to be a source of a trend and not following any trend.
    If you know someone with these traits and are struggling with the gift that they will love, we are here to help you out.

    1. Nailpaints: Gift them a gift box of 5 trendy nail shades which they will love and would be eager to flaunt. Shades that will suit every complexion and add charm to the pretty hands.
    1. Cute bird forks: Even having fruits should be in style. This adorable bird fork set is sure to steal hearts of people. The fashionista will chirp merrily as she has her fruits.
    1. Manicure kit: Which fashionista would not like to have her nails well maintained and manicured? Make their day by gifting this classic and elegant manicure tool kit set. Now they can pamper themselves whenever they want to.
    1. Selfie tool: Which style diva doesn’t like to click pictures and flaunt the new makeup look that they tried? Gift something thoughtful and help them achieving the idle angle for their perfect photos.

    With these gifts, she will love you for the thoughtfulness and adorable gifts that you thought of and you can thank us later :)
  • Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers!

    Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers   No morning is complete without a cup of kick starting hot freshly brewed cup of coffee. Frothy, creamy, strong or just a cup of Joe, each coffee lover prefers their brew unique to themselves. Thanks to the variety available in the market, you can easily find a coffee gift, which will highlight your thoughtfulness.
    We present a range of coffee related products that will be so loved and you’ll be talked for your precious gifts for months!

    1. Coffee Makers: They come in various styles and sizes with multiple functions. A coffee maker will brew a cup of coffee, fresh every morning without any hassle for the coffee lover in your life. In fact, do it in a most stylish manner for the right price and comes first in.
    1. Coffee Beans: Honestly speaking, it is fun to brew one’s own coffee right from the scratch. Good quality coffee beans make a great cup of coffee. Hence, gourmet coffee beans are always a special gift to every coffee lover. They fill the air with mesmerizing rich aroma of expensive coffee with a taste to die for without making a whole in the pocket.
    1. Coffee Mugs: This one is a hard not to include gift when preparing a gift basket for the coffee lover. Starting from plain ceramic to insulated mugs to keep the coffee warm, there are arrays available in the market.. Perfect present for your coffee lover.
    1. Coffee Carriers: Constructed from durable stainless steel, this vacuum insulated pump flask is ideal for keeping your coffee hot for hours.
    So what are you waiting for, go brew some memories..
  • Top 5 gift ideas for men

    Top 5 gift ideas for men A gift should be such that no matter who is at the receiving end, finds it thoughtful and it makes one feel quite valuable. Often, buying gifts for men is considered to be a daunting task. There is a common myth that men would prefer only gadgets, video games or both. However, the thought and feelings behind the selection of the gift is what makes it priceless and meaningful.

    Our team has come to the rescue. Here are some suggestions, that could help you in your selection for which you can thank us later:

    1. Gift baskets: Although it seems that women enjoy them more, a gift basket always has a charming effect on its recipients, whatever is the occasion. A gift basket can be a combination of various products, thus compiling one for your man would be easier than you think. For instance, if he’s a wine connoisseur, send him a gift basket full of fine wine along these amazing wine openers.
      Or, if he is someone who loves travelling, then you can combine these lovely gifts for travelers. Similarly, there are comic books gift basket, hobby gift baskets, spa gift baskets for men, gourmet gift baskets, gadget gift baskets and the list goes on.
    1. Hobby Gifts: Believe it when you see him constructing something or doing something fruitful with his personal time. You might come to know what his hobby is. Giving him a gift, which is related to his hobby even in the slightest way, is a great way to let him you appreciate everything about him. He might like to knit, play video games, enjoy music concerts or collect stamps, coins or even bugs. For example, Cute booklights/bookmarks for a Reader or Cool headphones for a music lover could be gift that he’ll love
    1. Home Décor Gifts: Not just women, but men too like to display a home interior, which reflects their personality. This is why before you buy home decor gift items for him, knowing about his tastes would be extremely beneficial. It is not necessary to apply every latest trend in the home décor industry. However, a classic wall clock, a contemporary table lamp and table clock or a smart and sturdy stool can add a charm to the interiors.
    1. Office use products: He stays busy and caught up in his office work, so why not gift him something that will be useful for him and looks classy on his office desk. Check out this amazing card holder.

    Sure, with an exhaustive variety of products available in the market, being able to select ‘the ideal gift’ seems impossible. Nevertheless, online shopping stores have made it so much easier to decide where to begin the search. However, knowing what he likes or dislikes will make your search for ideal gifts for men better and precise.
  • Four Fantastic Gifts for Travellers

    If travelling was free, you would never see me again - every traveler.

    This is the mantra for any person who loves to travel. If things were in control of the wanderers they’ll quit all the responsibilities and travel the world over and over again.
    If you know any such personality and struggling with what to gift them, we have decided and created a list of items that can prove to be of help to you.

    1. Military toolkit with torch: Gift the efficient and portable trekking buddy that has a toolkit with torch, in a key chain. Forget the inconvenience of carrying all the weight of these items differently.
    2. Four layer toiletry kit: This unique 4 layer clear pocket toiletry kit can prove to be a very valuable gift for the recipient. It has good storage and can be hung open for easy accessibility. What else a traveler needs!
    3. Folding Duffel Bag: This bag is versatile, comfortable and stylish. It can fold down when not in use to save space. Carry it with all your travels
    4. SIM traveler kit: Give them this SIM storing travel kit so that they are never out of reach from their loved ones. They will always think of you whenever they travel along it.
      Gifts should always be useful and should add value for the recipient. Gift something related to their interest and they’ll never forget you for your thoughtfulness.
  • 4 Fabulous Gift ideas for Music Lovers

    4 Fabulous Gift ideas for Music Lovers  
    Without music, life would be a mistake ~Bob Marley
    Every person knows the value of music in their life deep down. It is glue that can fix all kind of moods. There is something extraordinary about the melodies that some people worship it.

    If you know any such person and are struggling with the question what gift to give them, our team has come to the rescue with few amazing gift ideas to help you with:

    1. CD Holder: Gift the unique Hydraulic 10 CD holder that has push button to pop out the disc. Let them store their collection in a sorted way, and they will bless you for helping in organizing their passion.
    1. Folding stereo headphones: Gift the stylish and space saving foldable headphones that are eligible of superb bass and creates high precision audio balance. Also the full ear cup articulation enables comfortable fit and perfect sound.
    1. Wireless speaker: What would a music lover do in a house party? He/she would be willing to play their kind of music. But how can they have it without any cable wire and data cable for their phone? The answer to that question is the light and portable wireless speaker which great sound and very simple to connect your phone with.
    1. Mini Notebook/PC speakers: These mini speakers are compact and provide excellent distortion free sound and come with a volume control.
    With the above list of gifts, you sure can win that musical heart of your loved one!
  • 5 Gift ideas for sports lovers

    5 Gift ideas for sports lovers
    Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts ~ Dan Gable
    Any person who is into sports or love sports will relate to this and would understand this.

    We present five fruitful gift ideas for any sport loving person.
    1. Emergency Trekking Toolkit: This toolkit is a multi utility product and can perform 10 functions.
    1. Four in one pen: Gift this unique four in one pen with built-in LED torch, lanyard to hang it in the neck and whistle useful in sports and emergencies. This little utility packed gift would be pocket friendly for the giver and super useful for the receiver.
    1. Cricket ball shaped telephone: Is the person on the receiving end crazy about cricket? If yes, they will love it and Even if they are not crazy about cricket they will still like the cute ball shaped telephone.
    1. Cricket themed photo frames: If you don’t want to experiment much on the utility gifts and want to gift something traditional, then this is the right gift for them. The nation breathes cricket and this would be loved for any cricket obsessed person.
    1. Sports shaker with lock: The exclusive Sports Shaker is a stylish and highly functional leak-proof shaker for easy mixing and preparation of smooth, lump-free shakes and powder supplement drinks.
      Now what are you waiting for? Go and make them smile by gifting these to them!
  • 4 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Mobile Fanatics

    4 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Mobile Fanatics There are some people who cannot live without their smart phones and swear to live with and by it forever.

    If you know someone like this and want to gift them something different, we have created a list of 4 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Mobile Fanatics:
    1. Quad angle mobile stand: With this stand, they can watch videos or movies on phone and can adjust the angle of the screen in four different ways.
    2. Power bank- What is the life with the exhausted battery of the lifeline? This is what they feel when the phone battery dies. Gift them the Power bank and see the smile widening on their face.
    3. SIM traveler kit: Give them this SIM storing travel kit so that they are never out of reach from their loved ones. They will always think of you whenever they travel along it.
    4. Mobile stand: Gift the quirky and helpful Mr Notty which will grip the mobile phone real tight. It will keep the mobile safe in his arms.
    Gift them something that values who they are, will make them love you for the thoughtfulness. And you can thank us later!
  • Four Gift ideas for avid readers - Part 2

    Four Gift ideas for avid readers - Part 2

    Click here for part 1

    “Life is hollow without books”, that’s what every reader would say, if asked.

    Books can make you travel the virtual world, the world of dreams and imaginations, the world where every reader wish to stay, feel and live in.
    If you know any such person and are struggling with the question what gift to give them, our team has come to the rescue with few amazing gift ideas to help you with:

    1. 1. Reading lights: Gift the cuteness in the form of reading lights which will be a boon in the times of reading in the dark. They will always remember you and bless you in such times for such a thoughtful gift.

    2. 2. Mobile / Tablet stand: This would prove to be a perfect gift for the E-book readers. This mobile stand would come to rescue for adult readers who prefer reading comfortably.

    3. 3. Travel Flask: : What would a book lover do on a long winter night or while travelling? They would lie around with their favorite read and would read probably for the entire night. In such time, they would crave for a hot cup of tea/coffee; then this travel buddy flask would come to the rescue. They would remember you with every cup of their hot beverage.

    4. 4. Snacks Tray: While reading when the hunger pangs start to disturb, it breaks the flow of reading. Gift the unique tray with three level of tray to keep snacks close to one-self while reading.

      With the above list of gifts, you sure can win that reader heart of your loved one!
  • 7 gift ideas for Workaholics

    7 gift ideas for Workaholics In the today’s scenario where the world grinds us 24*7, the mind tends to stop thinking and looking the world beyond the office desk. The senses refuse to see over the cubicle and the pile of work files.
    So if the recipient is stuck in such a world and you want to gift something that reminds them of you, we have decided to help you. We have created a list of gifting ideas for the work addicts.

    1. Laptop stands and laptop cooling fan: With the work pressure rising, the laptop starts to emit heat. Give the loved one the comfort of cooling down the heat of the ‘work weapon’ with this convenient laptop cooling fan and comfortable laptop stands to for better hand movement and sitting posture.

    1. World travel adaptor and Travelling SIM card case: If their jobs require a lot of travelling, this is the gift for them. The adaptor works in almost all countries (150+ countries) and will prove to be a useful and efficient gift for them. The SIM card holder can hold multiple SIM cards and prevents them from falling and missing due to its power lock feature.
    1. Multi utility table top: With the work load piling up, it becomes a painful task to organize and keep the work desk clean. This cube when open has space for sticky notes, pen and memo slips. This classic cube shaped table top will help to manage the little things easily and also give the table a stylish look.
    1. Spiral Notebook with pen: Gift this eco friendly and classy notebook for jotting down the notes for their business meetings. The notebook has ample writing space and also consists of a eco friendly colored pen and sticky note pads
    1. Visiting card holders: Gift them the stylish and classy set of double sided visiting holders. These card holders would help them to organize their and client contact details in a convenient manner.
    1. Table top clock: Give a gift that will remind your loved one whenever they‘ll look at their office table and see this elegant table top with digital clock
    1. Multipurpose memo holders: Gift the stylish and multipurpose memo and pin holders. It will give the table an organized and elegant look.
        With these innovative and useful gifts you will surely make them love you even more!

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